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Preparing for the Exam Creating a Study Plan MCAT Test Day Tips Board Examinations and Licensure

MCAT Test Day Tips

We have a number of procedures that are designed to protect the exam as well as make the test day as efficient as possible, so that you can spend your time focusing on your exam. Following these Test Day Tips will help make your MCAT exam experience as good as it can be:



Bring proper identification There are three important things you need to know about identification:
  1. The name on your identification (ID) must match exactly the name you entered in the registration system prior to the registration deadline. Please refer to our Registration Tips and the MCAT Essentials (PDF, 24 pages) for more information.
  2. Your ID must include an expiration date, signature, and photograph. The ID must be current.
  3. It must be a major form of ID, such as a driver's license or passport. If you do not have either of these types of identification, you most likely will be eligible for a state-issued ID card, usually obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles (even if you do not drive).

Please refer to the MCAT Essentials (PDF, 24 pages) for more information.

If you believe your ID meets our requirements but the Test Center Administrator does not accept it, please call us right away, while you are at the test center at 202-828-0690. We have a very limited amount of time during which ID issues can be resolved on test day.

Be prepared for the check-in process. Arrive on time.

Arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled exam start time. If you arrive much earlier, don't be alarmed if the test center is not yet open. If you arrive after your exam start time, neither the Test Center Administrator nor a MCAT staff member can allow you to test. The Test Center Administrator will do his or her best to check in all examinees within the 30 minutes. However, due to the individual nature of the check-in process, you may not begin testing precisely at the scheduled start time.

In fact, this is not unusual and many examinees may wait an additional half hour or more before starting the exam. This also means that examinees may be working on different parts of the exam or taking breaks at different times.

Special note about clothing: The Test Center Administrators may ask to inspect head coverings or other clothing. They may even ask you to remove some items, such as baseball caps and overcoats. Please see important details in the MCAT Essentials (PDF, 24 pages).

Tell the Test Center Administrator if you need help. Administrators are available to assist you in the event that you have technical problems with your workstation. Please raise your hand to get their attention if you need it.
Respond to the Non-Disclosure Agreement. The Non-Disclosure Agreement is a short statement and we provide you with five minutes to read and respond to it. Five minutes should be plenty of time but if you take a break at this point, five minutes most likely will not be long enough. So please take the time to respond to this screen within the time limit. Otherwise, the system assumes that you do not want to test and we will not be able to give you another chance to respond and you will not be able to test that day or receive a refund.
Do not use the Escape (Esc) key Pressing the Escape key on your keyboard during the Writing Sample section of the exam will result in the deletion of all the text you typed since the last time you pressed the "Save" button. This text cannot be recovered, nor can we provide additional time for you to complete your response.
Respond to the Void screen. At the end of the exam, you will be presented with an option to score or void your exam. We cannot reverse your selection once you have submitted it. Another important note is that, as with the Non-Disclosure Agreement, you will have five minutes to respond to this question. However, unlike the Non-Disclosure screen where your answer will default to "no" should you fail to respond, the Void screen will default to "yes, score my exam." We cannot change this.
Adhere to break policies. Accessing study materials or using cell phones during breaks is absolutely prohibited.
If you have a concern, let us know. We want to hear from you if you have a concern or complaint about your test day experience. If you would like an investigation and response from the AAMC, you must contact us within five days of your test date, by fax or regular mail. We regret we cannot accept complaints by e-mail.

You should also ask the Test Center Administrator to file a report. While we do not respond to these center reports (you must write to us separately for a response), we do use them in our research when we receive an examinee complaint.

We do not investigate complaints received after the deadline, most especially complaints received after scores are released. However, we still appreciate the feedback to help us improve test administrations for future examinees.

Preparing for the Exam Creating a Study Plan MCAT Test Day Tips Board Examinations and Licensure
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